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PlayTribes was a an updated version of Starsiege: Tribes in development by GarageGames, to be distributed through InstantAction. It was announced on March 17, 2009. PlayTribes was cancelled in 2010 (see the Leaked Beta section).

The game was designed to be very similar in gameplay and graphics to the original Starsiege: Tribes.

PlayTribes did not support software rendering, only using OpenGL even in windowed mode (which was not possible before in Tribes). This may result in higher system requirements, and PlayTribes may not run on machines Tribes can run on (such as netbooks or older computers). There were also plans to release a browser-based version. This never surfaced.

PlayTribes supports community mods (downloaded version only), however Tribes mods will need to be modified to work with PlayTribes.

Leaked Beta

PlayTribes spent much of its time in a closed beta. In early 2010, a beta was leaked onto various web sites, causing the an immediate halt in development.

The version number of the leaked beta is 1.40.655

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