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Particle's Custom RPG is a Tribes RPG server which runs the original 2002 RPG mod with minor changes, primarily to assist AFK training (duplicated dungeons so people can AFK train out of each others' way).

The host's download site contains an archaic 2002 version of RPG bundled with AFK training scripts. It has limited or no compatibility with modern RPG servers.


The server was started in approximately 2001, during the Tribes RPG's original development period (lead by JeremyIrons) which lasted to 2002.

There has not been significant development after 2002. Minor changes such as duplicated dungeons, and some spell additions.

With the encouragement of AFK training, player counts have decreased, and there is occasionally one or two players on there, with multiple accounts each, left AFK training unattended. These players have reached incredibly high levels with zero effort or attendance.