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The Tribes Repack is a fully patched copy of Starsiege: Tribes packaged along with many mods and addons from the community. The goal of the Tribes Repack is to provide a single download for everything players need to enjoy Tribes.

List of things packaged in the Tribes Repack

  • Starsiege: Tribes v1.11
  • LastHope patch (v1.30)
  • Hudbot
  • Presto Pack
  • Tribes RPG
  • CDoors & CTown, Farm RPG, and other RPG mod addon files
  • Redmoon RPG mod
  • Starwars RPG mod
  • Starwars mod
  • TAC optional sounds and skins
  • DeltaAirForce mod
  • Warhammer 40,000: A Tribes Total Conversion (1.3.9)
  • Misc other files and skins

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