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Tribes RPG is a modification for Starsiege: Tribes which thoroughly converts the First Person Shooter into a Role Playing Game using swords, magic, and bows instead of guns. Generally on RPG servers you select one of several different classes, which usually determine how quickly different skills advance, and certain traits (rangers can sleep in "unknown" areas). You can then explore a large world, containing various dungeons and towns, populated with various types of monsters and NPCs, respectively.

Tribes RPG was originally created by someone named Mathiew Bouchard (who identified online at the time as "JeremyIrons"). He left the scene around 2001-2002.

Most RPG mod servers are unique, as Tribes and the RPG mod are naturally very modifiable.

Tribes RPG is included as part of the Tribes Repack.

Version 6

The server version of Tribes RPG had not been updated from 5.004, aside from security patches, since 2002. On 11 May, 2014, Tribes RPG server was updated to version 6.0. This introduced a number of features, mostly ported from Phantom Worlds RPG.

  • NPC menu system from Phantom Worlds RPG is now standard. #say may still be used.
  • Default talk is #global, tab option is now a submenu with 3 options.
  • Server detects when an entering player doesn't have RPG, kicks with a link.
  • Connection spam protection.
  • Improved remoteSay hack fix, quest scripts should work fine again.
  • Autoremort level increases with remorts.
  • Hail and snowstorms from main server ported.
  • New battle messages from main server ported.
  • Blood spray from main server ported.
  • Misc code improvements.
  • Belt added. Ammunition and Gems are belt items. Belt can handle more than 500/item. Also frees up itemdata blocks.
  • Must now be close to shops/banks to use them. No more mining and storing at the same time.
  • Weapon fast-swinging protection improved.
  • Smithing upgraded to the #smith command from tvt, for compatibility with belt.
  • Saveworld is truly fixed now. Saves packs properly.
  • rpgmap5 retains compatibility with original RPG clients.
  • rpgmap6 contains new shapes.

System Requirements

Tribes RPG shares system requirements with Starsiege: Tribes. However, your system may need higher specs than is needed for basic Tribes. The following is recommended:

  • 600 MHz or faster processor
  • 256 MB or more RAM
  • Any 3D graphics device

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