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Phantom Worlds RPG is the main server of Tribes RPG. It is often the only server still under active development, the only server to require the Tribes Repack (as it has a newer version of Tribe RPG), and is the most popular Tribes RPG server.


Earliest files recovered date back to August 01, 2003. The server started out as "phantom's nest", a server running the standard 2002 Tribes RPG 5.005. Slowly, small changes were made, adding cosmetic features such as statuses to the tab menu. As I (phantom) learned the Tribes scripting language, more interesting and complex changes happened.

As the server evolved, and items and weapons were added, the game balance was altered to become too easy, making it unfair to players who had played earlier. Eventually the game consisted of AFK training and shoving enemies to death. There was no challenge.

On August 31, 2010, all characters were cleared and the overpowered items were removed. All players restarted from scratch, the game challenge was restored. No more mass character clears will happen.


Phantom Worlds RPG, as the name would suggest, contains multiple entire game worlds.


This was part of the original game in 2003, but much has been added and changed. It is typically the recommended world for new players as it contains more tutorial-style NPCs.


This world was donated several years later on as a very incomplete template. Again, much was added and changed. It is much larger, consisting of three terrains roughly sewn together.

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