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Hudbot is a third party Starsiege: Tribes plugin that adds various features and bug fixes to Tribes.
Hudbot is included as part of the Tribes Repack.


Features list, from the web site:

  • NoFiX's Vista Compatability Fix ( in 0.5.18!)
  • All of the features from mem.dll (Winamp, 3rd person IFFs, Sky Rotation, onVehicleEnter/Exit..)
  • Load custom TGAs (8/24/32 bit) into tribes to use as HUDs, skins, skies
  • Support for Tribes 2 model skins (download pack for models & skins is on the additional skins page)
  • Reverts to default Tribes huds in windowed/software mode
  • A slew of $pref & standalone variables
  • Built in Timestamp() and Sound()
  • ScriptGL add-on allowing you to draw with OpenGL in Tribes script!
  • Custom terrain is now possible!
  • You can add your own texture replacements!
  • onLocalSound() callback
  • Minor Fixes

Fixes list, from the web site:

  • Integrated DoSFiX from NoFiX (only useful for servers though).
  • Removes the ugly green lines from HUD borders
  • RadarHUD now properly clips the waypoint indicator to the edge of the hud when $pref::radarStencil is false.
  • Built in CRC Crack
  • Hudbot replaces Tribes memory allocator with the VS7 allocator. Tribes crashes when allocating blocks larger than 8mb and/or under high function/variable/object load.
  • Control::SetPosition now works for the default HUDs (jetpackHud, compassHud, etc)
  • Suns and planets are now rendered with GL_LINEAR instead of GL_NEAREST so they don't look pixelated any more.
  • Mouse Wheel Up now properly triggers zaxis1!

External links

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  • (older, domain expired)